AFA Arredamenti

AFA has been working in the wood sector for over 35 years, inspired in 1968 by an idea of the Francolini brothers as a company specialised in creating custom furniture. Perceiving, researching, designing and producing furniture and accessories achieving the maximum results unifying quality, practicality and design has allowed us to be present over a wide market. A group of over 50 professionals from architects to craftsmen. AFA has its registered office - Showroom and Company - in San Giovanni in Marignano (RN).

AFA designs and produces furniture and accessories to create unique settings for Hotels - Restaurants - Bars - Bakeries - Stores - Discotheques - Disco bars - Pubs - Movie Theatres - Theatres - Theme parks - Ship interiors - Motor homes - Homes. AFA designs, produces and assembles: custom furniture, boiserie, carpeting and wood floors, doors and fixtures, textile furnishing accessories, quilting, curtains, lighting fixtures and accessory.

AFA has preserved the craft diligence of the workmanship performed over time with the mastery and precision of its technicians and by using the most modern machinery. AFA can fully follow all production phases from the research of raw materials to furniture production. The company production cycle is complete in workmanship: AFA Wood - AFA Iron - AFA Sofa - AFA Textiles - AFA Lighting. Each design proposal is managed to the complete assembly and, with constant and continual assistance and maintenance through time.

AFA is continually seeking new solutions, materials and technologies. The objective is to define projects with high quality standards followed by maximum level production. Offer a pool of experts and professional capable of studying and supplying solutions for any type of request. Starting from a careful analysis and a detailed research, the company confronts all designing aspects: from the room architecture to the furniture design up to the choice of textiles and accessories. Our wish is to achieve projects destined to become unique, distinctive and exciting rooms.

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