All civilizations searched for the expression of simplicity in all times and cultures: philosophical, religious, political, literary, artistic or spiritual, this fundamental search found its expression in many different ways.

Nowadays the individual deeply feels the need to simplify his personal and professional universe eliminating whatever limits it in order to be able toanalyze and better understand his real needs to make the best choice. In short, to focus on what is essential.

Even in the decisive moments of modernity, the idea of simplicity expressed itself and spread in new and innovative forms, especially when supported by significant achievements in the technical and technological field.

Carlo Santambrogio embraced this idea time ago and promoted it with exhibitions, cultural initiatives and a collection that today finds a sensible performer in the designer Ennio Arosio. This collection named SIMPLICITY is based on the use of glass, “immaterial” material par excellence : assembledby Ennio Arosio according to a rigorous logic based on elementary planes and orthogonal projections, this material expresses new potentialities never experienced before and finally frees of those functional supports in wood or steel that for a long time assigned it the “secondary” role of simple finish.

Born in 2004 with a kitchen completely realized in glass, SIMPLICITY developed the bathroom collection in 2005.

In 2006, it finally becomes “total project” able to design all areas of the house and to make it functional according to an aseptic and de-materialized vision of the furniture element. Beds, sofas and wall system: a self-bearing structure completely realized in glass, allowing to divide, equip and optimize spaces in all areas of the house.


The basic idea can be declined and personalized according to the particular exigencies without loosing anything of its original strength.

This is a clear proof of the extreme flexibility of a project able to widen and perform more and more complex and innovative functions.

The widespread use of glass in recent years in international architecture has in fact extended the use of this material making it a primary part of the whole building that is now characterized by glass insertions that are functional but do not interfere with the architecture of the building or with its interior.

SIMPLICITY translates this new approach to glass into a project able to define new relations between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing new environmental dimensions to interiors, layers of differing transparent intensity that unite and divide at the same time the sequence of spaces: though stable and solid, the glass element does not interrupt the total perception of space, being present but “invisible”.

Thanks to its perfect technical know-how, SANTAMBROGIOMILANO is today able to give this very old material extremely innovative forms and functions: the cook-top of the SIMPLICITY kitchen completely realized in glass and tested according to the CEE quality certification is a clear example of the amazing potentialities of this project that is first of all a concept and a way to live our daily complexity.

Main purpose of SANTAMBROGIOMILANO is to develop very exclusive projects, to create sole pieces to be integrated in all areas of daily life, in both domestic and public spaces, such as offices, hotels and so on. SANTAMBROGIOMILANO is already working with very selected customers in the world to develop this kind of projects: the SIMPLICITY design centre is located in Milan but thanks to the collaboration with international architects and the partnership with top dealers in the world, SANTAMBROGIOMILANO is determined to further increase its visibility at international level.

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