Первый в мире мотоцикл, покрытый 24-х каратным золотом от «AURUM»

Золотой мотоцикл
Мотоцикл, золото, AGUSTA
Мотоцикл покрытый золотом
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Золотой мотоцикл

AURUM presents the FIRST MOTORCYCLE COVERED WITH 24 KT GOLD LEAF. This realization has been exclusively devoted to the prestigious italian trademark MV AGUSTA on Mod. F4.
The idea born from AURUM, after having presented last year at the Luxury Show in Verona “the first floor worldwide covered with gold leaf, patented in 11 different models”.
The application of the gold leaves on plastics and metals involves a considerable knowledge for the carrying out. This was obtained through 8 years of research and tests by Adolfo Finotto, accomplisher of the project, who, besides walking on gold, succeeded in applying the 24kt gold leaf even on pieces of cars and motorcycles.
The project was studied in a way that the cars and bikes covered with the precious metal could run on the street like every others, the last passage of paint being the same used on bikes and cars. The 24 kt gold leaves size mm. 80x80 are only hand-applied so to create the look of “gold flakes”.
The whole working schedule includes 9 passages of painting products and one glueing in order to assure a strength like welding and an unlimited guarantee.
The choice of the first motorcyle with these features was given to MV AGUSTA.
We believe that MV AGUSTA, in its long history of motorcycle victories and its almost entirely handmade bikes, deserves to have the FIRST WORLDWIDE MOTORCYCLE IN 24 KT GOLD LEAF.
AURUM is proud of its cooperation with MV AGUSTA.
AURUM s.r.l.
Il Presidente
Adolfo Finotto

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